About Standard Schnauzers

Hello! We are Standard Schnauzers

What does that mean? It means that we are members of the Working Group of dogs, bred to be of service to our human companions. Some of the things that working group dogs are best known for are guarding, police work, rescue and sledding.

Standard Schnauzers are amoung the smallest of the working group dogs. Males weigh in the area of 40 to 50 pounds and stand 18 to 20 inches tall at the shoulder. Females weigh in the area of 35 to 45 pounds and stand 17 to 19 inches tall. What we may lack in size compared to other members of our group, we more than make up for in intelligence, loyalty and strength.

We are an old breed of dog, with a history dating back to Germany in the 15th century according to paintings of our ancestors. Our smaller size was an asset to our owners, as we served them equally well in killing rats and other pests around their farms, and then riding in their wagons as guards when they took their produce to market. We were big enough to serve as protectors for our owners, but not so large as to take up too much room in their wagons. Today Standard Schnauzers continue to be loyal and protective of their families, with a quick ability to tell the difference between a welcome friend and an unwelcome visitor. Some of us still serve as guard and police dogs, but most of us have taken up new activities. We perform well in agility trials, obedience, tracking, and more recently herding. As you can see, we are very versatile in nature.

Of course, Standard Schnauzers also enjoy just living and interacting with their families. We are an active, friendly and very intelligent breed of dog, which means that we do require exercise, socialization and training to be good companions. If you do not teach us what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior, we may decide it on our own even if you disagree with our point of view. It may also mean that if you have not previousy owned a dog, a standard schnauzer might not be the best idea for your first one.

We do require detailed grooming of our coats and furnishings. Our beard and eyebrows, which are hallmarks of our breed, need to occasionally be trimmed. Our coat can either be clippered or stripped, about once every month or so to keep us looking at our best. If our coat is stripped, it retains the stiff outer coat that protects us while the softer under coat helps insulate us. A clippered coat will remove the outer hair leaving mainly the smoother feeling undercoat. The long hairs on our legs, or furnishings, have to be trimmed by scissor at a similar frequency. Of course, in between, we need to be brushed and combed almost every day to keep clean and remove snarls and tangles.

Compared to other schnauzers; the very popular Miniature, and the very impressive Giant, Standard Schnauzers are less common. Even though we were the original of the three-schnauzer breeds, each year only around 500 to 600 of us are born and registered with the American Kennel Club by careful and responsible breeders. In this way, the number of medical problems that we are susceptible to have been kept to a minimum, and we should be around for many more years as an enjoyable and faithful canine friend.

For more information on Standard Schnauzers, we recommend you visit the Standard Schnauzer Club of America website.

Breeder Referrals

Standard Schnauzers are not bred in large numbers. There are approximately 500 puppies registered with the AKC each year. To locate a quality puppy contact a breeder who is a member of the Standard Schnauzer Club of America and a regional Standard Schnauzer Club, such as the GPSSC. As a member of the Club, the Standard Schnauzer breeder agrees to breed only to improve upon the breed.

The following breeders are members of the Greater Pittsburgh Standard Schnauzer Club:

Dinamyt Standard Schnauzers
Diane R. Mitchell
117 Schnauzer Ln
Beaver Falls, PA 15010
TrueBlue Standard Schnauzers
Beth & Greg Ross
318 Edgewood Rd
Pittsburgh PA 15221
(412) 244-9577

The breeders on this list are members in good standing of the GPSSC, however, the GPSSC does not guarantee the services of said members. Further, neither the GPSSC nor its members will be held liable for any actions.

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